MEGA Bolt Water Expandable Rock Bolt (ERB)

MEGA Bolt Water Expandable Rock Bolt (ERB)

The MEGA Bolt ERB range features friction bolts with superior product characteristics to meet the most demanding roof support applications. The high-load bearing capacity combined with excellent elongation properties ensure safer working conditions and faster excavation cycles for low costs.

Reinforcement with ERB occurs by hydroforming (i.e. expanding) the bolt with high pressure water against a drill hole wall. ERBs expand into the shape of the hole when water at high pressure is pumped. The bolt expands to create a friction and interlocking anchor. MEGA Bolt’s ERB provide immediate full load bearing capacity with safe and easy installation. Installation is easy and flexible to fit various drill hole diameters.

The MEGA Bolt Friction rock bolks are manufactured according to the ISO 9002 standards. Each batch and finished rock bolts are texted for ensure final quality.

The MEGA Bolt Friction Range consists of three products which provide 30% elongation:

  • Standard for lighter applications with load capacity of 12 metric tons (120 kN)
  • Midi with a load capacity of 16 metrics tons (160 kN)
  • Super with a capacity of 24 metrics tons (240 kN)